7th December 2016

Wrapping Up 2016

Christmas really is my favourite time of year… it's the winter version of the first heatwave of the summer. Everyone loses their mind a little bit. I like this chaos. Too much food, drink and dancing always make for interesting stories. It's the only time of year I proudly turn up the volume  and drive along screeching to Wham while the kids look on bewildered. 

Christmas is all about traditions and as our family grows we are creating new ones year on year. Having been lucky enough to travel the world with work I have always revered the US tradition of Thanksgiving. Many families in the US use this as an opportunity to say Thank You for things they are grateful for. We have adapted this into our own family tradition and now around the Christmas table we do the same. It’s not very British and it can be quite exposing… but again, I like this.  So, as I put up my decorations this year and whistle away to Band Aid I will be reflecting on what I am grateful for.  It’s not difficult this year - we have welcomed a new addition to our family. So whilst we are always tired and scraping pureed sweet potato off the ceiling, we recognise how lucky we are and are eternally thankful. Asking around the office, so much of what people are grateful for relates to their loved ones… we must be on the ‘good list’ here at #mce_temp_url#TTA because we certainly are a lucky bunch.

Globally 2016 has been a strange year. As a nation we said goodbye to many notable figures, we have seen huge political events with Brexit, US Election and the international refugee crisis. As a company 2016 has been an important year of service enhancement. Recognising an opportunity to offer more value to clients we have expanded our production and design teams to cement our holistic approach to communications and live events and enhance our strategic partnerships with clients to manage their annual programme of live events. Clients are seeing this impact the success of their event objectives and procurement are feeling this on the bottom line with cost-savings across the board. We are grateful for how this have been received and envisage this service expanding across more clients in 2017.

No doubt 2017 will bring change again, both exciting and challenging; it’s this change that keeps us excited. Maybe we are a bit crazy here at TTA but nothing motivates us more than the challenge that change brings. In a rapidly changing world, it’s our ability to adapt that keeps us thriving and we love working with forward-thinking clients using innovative technologies for communications and live events to reach out to their customers.

We are pleased to be supporting our partner charity Shine Cancer Support at Christmas this year. For everyone who visits our website we will be donating £2 to Shine’s amazing community. See more about other activity we have done with Shine here. Please share this blog below to help raise more awareness to this wonderful charity and spread some Christmas cheer.



So thank you for 2016 and we look forward to talking with you more in 2017!



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